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Beer Snacks
Cheese Set - 510 rub.
Suluguni in dough, cheese balls, Gouda, Cheddar cheese in pita bread with cranberry sauce.

300/30 gr.
Big Beer Set - 990 rub.
Pork ribs, BBQ chicken wings, mini chebureks, chicken nuggets, grissini with salt, onion rings, crackers, cheese balls with cranberry sauce.

760/30 gr.
Toast - 190 rub.
150 gr.
Chips - 225 rub.
Eggplants, celery and potatoes chips self-cooked. Served with original sauce.

105 gr.
Cheese balls - 360 rub.
150 gr.
Empanadas - 290 rub.
Spicy mini-pies with beef and spicy sauce.

140/30 gr.
Pork ears - 330 rub.
Smoked pork ears in a sesame-soy sauce. Served with spicy sauce.

180/30 gr.
Shrimp price starts from 490 rub.
Shrimp boiled with spices, classic fried or fried in Thai - your choice.

200/20 gr. 490 rub.
400/20 gr. 890 rub.
Bruschetta with Parma - 330 rub.
Fried ciabatta with truffle sauce, Parma ham, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and lettuce leaves.

145 gr.
Bruschetta with sprats - 330 rub.
Fried ciabatta with baked eggplant sauce and sesame pasta, Baltic sprats and spinach.

190 gr.
Crispy dough rolls with Chorizo - 330 rub.
Rolls of crispy dough with savory stuffing from cheese and Chorizo sausage.

175/30/30 gr.
Beer Set for 2 Persons - 620 rub.
Rolls from Chorizo, hunting sausages, cheese balls, Chechil cheese, grissini, popcorn.

310/20/40 gr.
Smoked pork ribs - 420 rub.
Pork ribs from own smokehouse with green onions and "fries" onions.

270/20 gr.
Reichen - 450 rub.
Atlantic mackerel self-smoked.

350/70/20 gr.
Chicken wings price starts from 395 rub.
Chicken wings, marinated in an old German recipe. Served with carrots and celery, garlic sauce. Served with spicy sauce or BBQ sauce.

200/60/30 gr. 395 rub.
400/60/30 gr. 690 rub.
Cold Starters
Cheese plateau - 590 rub.
Mont Blanc, Bree, Dor-Blues, Parmesan cheese, grissini with sesame and dried tomatoes, honey.

160/25/25 gr.
Aufspitt - 630 rub.
Self-cooked meat assortment from boiled pork, beef tongue and smoked chicken breast.

210/35/30 gr.
Tuna tar-tar - 420 rub.
Fillet of yellowfin tuna with Guacamole sauce, fresh cucumber, sesame seeds. Served with ciabatta.

110/30 gr.
Beef tar-tar - 420 rub.
Beef tenderloin with capers, cornichons, quail eggs, and ciabatta of own preparation.

110/30 gr.
Slightly salted red salmon - 490 rub.
Wild self-salted red salmon with domestic ciabatta.

100/40 gr. 490 rub.
Shrimp ceviche - 390 rub.
King shrimps with concasse tomato, red onion, smoked cheese suluguni and dressing of lemon kimchi.

230 gr.
Caprese - 440 rub.
A classic snack made of Mozzarella cheese with tomatoes and Pesto sauce.

230 gr.
Fishplatte - 630 rub.
Wild red salmon, cold-smoked mackerel, oil fish of cold-smoking with Black Sea anchovy on Borodino bread.

200/30/20 gr.
Cottage cheese on toast - 290 rub.
Salo on toast from Borodino bread with salted cucumber and green onion.

210/40 gr.
Herring in a can - 320 rub.
Fillet of lightly salted herring with potatoes.

110/90/30 gr.
Salty barrel - 330 rub.
Salted tomatoes, cucumbers, sauerkraut, marinated mushrooms and garlic.

330 gr.
Salad with hunting sausages - 350 rub.
Salad with fried hunting sausages and potatoes, green vegetables, with creamy mustard sauce.

240 gr.
Salad with pear and mozzarella - 390 rub.
Fried mozzarella with spicy pear, lettuce and cedar nuts. Dressed with lime sauce.

150 gr.
Caesar prise starts from 310 rub.
Salad leaves with crispy croutons under anchovy dressing:

classic 310 rub.

with chicken 470 rub.

shrimp 520 rub.

150/55 gr.
Salad with red salmon and spinach - 390 rub.
Fresh spinach leaves with wild self-salted red salmon, fresh champignons and original dressing.

155 gr.
Nisuaz - 420 rub.
Salad with grilled tuna, fresh vegetables and mustard dressing. Recommended tuna roasting is MEDIUM.

230 gr.
Salad with duck - 470 rub.
Smoked duck breast with mix-salad in a raspberry dressing and fresh berries.

210 gr.
Pie Potato - 330 rub.
Fillet of smoked chicken, Romano salad, fresh vegetables, pie potatoes. Served with homemade mayonnaise.

220 gr.
Humellybe - 330 rub.
Fried chicken liver with pomegranate sauce, oranges and mix salad.

160 gr.
Greek - 360 rub.
Feta cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives, olives, bell pepper, branded dressing.

255 gr.
Okroshka - 290 rub.
Traditional cold soup with baloney. Served according to your choice with kvass or kefir.

180/200 gr.
Chicken noodles - 320 rub.
Homemade noodles with chicken knels and quail eggs.

350 gr.
Meat solyanka - 340 rub.
Special meat solyanka with three kinds of meat and Tom Yam pasta.

300 gr.
Leek cream soup - 290 rub.
Creamy leek soup with crispy bacon and truffle oil.

350 gr.
Fish soup - 340 rub.
Fisherman's soup from a pike perch, with potatoes and carrots.

350 gr.
Mushroom soup in Tyrolean style - 380 rub.
Creamy soup with forest mushrooms, potatoes, leek and croutons

300 gr.
Hot Starters
Zupphen - 360 rub.
Stewed chicken giblets in creamy mushroom sauce.

270 gr.
Quesadilla - 295 rub.
Beef cooked on charcoal with vegetables, cilantro, sesame seeds, spicy dressing in homemade cakes.

110/30 gr.
Home-made pelmeni - 350 rub.
Handmade pelmeni from pork and beef with sour cream.

190/30 gr.
Firewoods - 330 rub.
Golden tubules of pita bread stuffed with brynza and cheese.

200 gr.
Chili Con Carne - 530 rub.
Hot stewed spicy snack from chopped meat with Nachos chips and Cheddar cheese.

170/100 gr.
Potato fritters - 220 rub.
Prepared by the recipe of Frau Martha. Served with sour cream.

3 piece
Fish Courses
Flounder - 120 rub.
A whole flounder, fried until golden crust with aromatic herbs. The price is indicated per 100 gr. of wet weight.

100 gr.
Murmansk Cod - 550 rub.
Fried cod from the Barents Sea. Served with spinach, oyster mushrooms and cauliflower cream.

130/60/30 gr.
Salmon - 790 rub.
Salmon steak cooked on charcoal with aromatic herbs.

180/50 gr.
Char - 180 rub.
Wild char, cooked on charcoal with aromatic herbs. The price is indicated per 100 gr. of wet weight.

100 gr.
Pike cutlets - 520 rub.
Pike cutlets with Ber-Blanc pike sauce with mashed potatoes.

140/150/30 gr.
Kamchatka red salmon - 660 rub.
Fillet of wild Kamchatka red salmon, cooked on charcoal, with honey-mustard sauce and vegetable salad.

120/40/20 gr.
Grilled Meat Courses
Duck breast - 550 rub.
Duck breast cooked on charcoal. Served with pear and cowberry sauce.

130/50/20 gr.
Herr Ribay - 630 rub.
Steak from marble beef of BLACK ANGUS grain fattening cooked on coals. Recommended roasting is MEDIUM. The price is indicated per 100 gr. raw meat.

100 gr.
Herr Striploin - 480 rub.
A steak from the thin edge of marble beef of BLACK ANGUS grain fattening cooked on charcoal. Recommended roasting is MEDIUM. The price is indicated per 100 gr. raw meat.

100 gr.
Marble beef shish kebab - 620 rub.
Shish kebab from the back leg of the marble bull of BLACK ANGUS grain fattening.

150/40/30 gr.
Machete steak - 410 rub.
Steak from a brisket of a marble bull of BLACK ANGUS grain fattening. Recommended roasting is MEDIUM. The price is indicated per 100 gr. raw meat.

100 gr.
Grilled pork ribs - 590 rub.
Pork ribs cooked on charcoal, with BBQ home sauce. Served with carrots and celery.

275/50 gr.
Large plateau - 2700 rub.
Assorted turkey, lamb, pork, lamb shish kebabs, grilled vegetables. Served with Special and Narsharab sauces.

720/500/90 gr.
Tutendorf - 490 rub.
Turkey shish kebab, marinated according to a special recipe with spicy herbs.

180/40/30 gr.
Otto - 490 rub.
Pork neck, marinated according to a special recipe with spicy herbs.

150/40/30 gr.
Hummel - 590 rub.
Young lamb shish kebab with a special recipe with herbs.

150/40/30 gr.
Mutton lulia - 460 rub.
Mutton lulia with salad of baked vegetables.

120/40/30 gr.
Meat Courses
Big duck cutlet - 520 rub.
Chopped duck cutlet. Served with smoked cherry sauce and French fries.

150/125/30 gr.
Aisban pork shank - 950 rub.
It's a favorite dish of German pabs. Pre-aged in the original marinade and baked with honey sauce.

650/250/50 gr.
Pork brisket - 350 rub.
Smoked pork side, marinated for 36 hours. Served with mashed potatoes.

130/160 gr.
Beef Stroganoff - 530 rub.
Beef tenderloin with fried oyster mushrooms, mashed potatoes and pickled cucumbers.

180/120 gr.
Wangen - 570 rub.
Stewed beef cheeks with potato gratin, spinach and Demiglas sauce.

120/150/10 gr.
Chicken Curry - 420 rub.
Chicken thigh fillet cooked in spicy curry sauce. Served with Basmati Indian rice, cilantro and chili.

240/60 gr.
Flash Pfane - 510 rub.
Meat pan with pork neck, mushrooms and fried vegetables.

440 gr.
Fillet Mignon - 850 rub.
Steak from the central part of the beef tenderloin cooked on the grill. Recommended roasting is MEDIUM. The price is indicated for 220 g. of wet weight.

220 gr.
Hans and Marta special burger - 510 rub.
Burger with a meatball of BLACK ANGUS marble beef with tomatoes, Cheddar cheese and special sauce.

300/75/40 gr.
Ferdinand - 510 rub.
Juicy pork neck, fried until golden brown. Served with a special mushroom strudel and sour cream.

150/150/50 gr.
Turkey shoulder with zucchini - 550 rub.
Baked turkey shoulder in creamy garlic sauce. Served with grilled zucchini and bell peppers.

300/50/50 gr.
Special Dishes
Assorted sausages (for two persons) - 1450 rub.
Assorted German sausages fried on the grill. Served with potatoes, mustard and horseradish.

450/100/60 gr.
Great raskolbas (for four persons) - 3200 rub.
Assortment of traditional German sausages, fried on a grill. Served with a crispy tortilla, stuffed with spicy beans, French onions and potato chips.

1200/300/80 gr.
Sausages "Kominvest" - 490 rub.
Sausages from beef, prepared according to the old Bavarian recipe. Served with braised cabbage and fried potatoes with mushrooms.

140/100/100 gr.
"Bavarian sausages" - 490 rub.
Juicy pork sausages. Served with stewed cabbage and mashed potatoes.

180/100/100 gr.
Chicken sausages "Curry" - 490 rub.
Spicy chicken sausages with curry. Served with stewed cabbage and potatoes in a rustic style.

140/100/100 gr.
Homemade Pasta
"Penne with chicken" - 440 rub.
Homemade pasta with chicken fillet and porcini mushrooms with cream sauce.

230 gr.
Tellatelle with salmon - 470 rub.
Classical Italian pasta with salmon in cream saffron sauce.

260 gr.
Pasta Carbonara - 440 rub.
Famous Italian pasta cooked by the classic recipe.

275 gr.
Side Dishes
French fries - 130 rub.
100 gr.
Mashed potatoes - 130 rub.
100 гр.
Rustic potatoes - 130 rub.
100 гр.
Fried potatoes with onions - 130 rub.
100 гр.
Stewed cabbage - 130 rub.
100 гр.
Boiled rice - 130 rub.
100 гр.
Special - 60 rub.

30 gr.
B-B-Q - 60 rub.
30 gr.
Tkemali - 60 rub.
30 gr.
Original - 60 rub.
30 gr.
Tartarus - 60 rub.
30 gr.
Blue Cheese - 60 rub.
30 gr.
Narsharab - 60 rub.
30 gr.
Mustard - 60 rub.
30 gr.
Horseradish - 60 rub.
30 gr.
Ketchup Heinz - 60 rub.
30 gr.
Grilled vegetables - 310 rub.
Eggplants, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini.

310 gr.
Grilled corn - 290 rub.
1 piece
Vegetable plate - 310 rub.
Cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, radishes, celery. Provençal herb sauce.

380 gr.
Squid rings - 210 rub.
120/30 gr.
Onion rings - 180 rub.
120/30 gr.
Patties - 70 rub.
Mushrooms, cabbage, meat.

1 piece
Bread basket - 100 rub.
160 gr.
Mocha Cookies - 280 rub.
Air caramel meringue with hazelnuts, almonds and caramel cream.

150 gr.
Cheesecake - 310 rub.
The famous Philadelphia cheese cake with homemade strawberry jam.

180 gr.
Anna Pavlova - 280 rub.
Meringue with coconut, with a delicate cream and blueberries. Gluten-free dessert.

135 gr.
Esterházy - 310 rub.
A classic cake with walnuts and custard.

125 gr.
Tiramisu - 340 rub.
Exquisite Italian dessert based on Mascarpone cheese and Savoyardi biscuits.

135 gr.
Fruit Rouge - 295 rub.
A combination of mint and vanilla mousse, caramel Cream in strawberry jelly on a nut biscuit.

140 gr.
Bavarian Strudel - 310 rub.
Bavarian apple strudel, served with a scoop of ice cream and a sprig of fresh mint.

180 gr.
Pancakes with Mascarpone - 430 rub.
Delicious pancakes with Mascarpone cheese and strawberry Flambe.

350 gr.
Honey Caramel - 310 rub.
Marble caramel honey cakes with sour cream.

130 gr.
Three Chocolates - 310 rub.
Light cake of three kinds of chocolate.

130 gr.
Fruit plate - 750 rub.
Apples, pears, oranges, grapes, kiwi, strawberries.

650 gr.
Peanut-caramel ice cream - 390 rub.
Vanilla ice cream with salted peanuts and caramel-chocolate topping.

250 gr.
Ice cream - 90 rub.
Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio.

60 gr.